DAOM Clinical Training

Internship Options

The CIP provides students with a combination of required and optional internship/externship experiences. The required program ensures that students receive comprehensive training from the experts in the field of Oriental and conventional Western medicine. Students are provided the following options for obtaining the required clinical training credit (also refers to specific syllabus for details):

Sunday clinic internship:

On Sunday of each module, students are required to follow the DAOM faculty member to see patients in a grand rounds-type experience. The instructors are experts in the field of TCM and/or Western medicine with a variety of specialties and areas of expertise. The students will
be exposed to patients with different diseases in the field of internal medicine germane to the module taught (e.g., neurology) and be provided opportunities to learn more advanced styles for conducting
patient intakes, physical examinations, diagnoses and preparing treatment plans that are not typically covered in Master’s clinical level training. Sunday clinic is the foundation of the DAOM internship program.

After-class internship:

On Friday and Saturday of each module, between 6 and 10pm, students will have opportunity to interact with on-site DAOM faculty members and other students to learn advanced methods of patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment. This optional session also serves as a review
session for what the students have learned during the current DAOM training module. A maximum of
192 credit hours can be awarded in the After Class Internship.

Supervision internship:

It is a required program experience in which DAOM students are expected
to assume in-depth professional responsibilities and supervision skills through providing clinical instruction to Master-level students. Each DAOM student will be assigned to supervise Master-level students for this component of the required clinical internship experience. The internship also provides
students with opportunity to experience acupuncture clinic management. Qualified members of ATOM’s clinical faculty will provide instruction to DAOM students throughout the Supervision Internship

Apprenticeship in other healthcare institutions:

For students who desire the opportunity to apprenticeship with healthcare professionals other than members of the ATOM faculty to fulfill a portion of their internship hours, an apprenticeship experience is an option. The externship site and supervisor/mentor must be reviewed and approved by the ATOM DAOM Steering committee. Students who wish to pursue this option must complete and submit to ATOM, the Apprenticeship Approval Form, provide the required professional information on the proposed apprenticeship site and supervisor/mentor,
and a signed copy of the Apprenticeship Agreement.

Apprenticeship with medical professionals:

Internship with medical doctors in the ATOM Student
Clinic provides opportunities for DAOM Interns to engage in collaborative interactions with other medical providers in appropriate clinical settings. It also provides Intern training in biomedical assessment knowledge and skills including instruction on physical exams, lab tests, diagnostic imaging,
and narrative report writing, as well direction on facilitating patient care in collaboration with conventional health care personnel.

Case Report:

The case report is a written summary of a clinical case with at least three follow-up visits, containing the patient’s health history, main complaints, diagnoses, pattern identification, treatment principle and protocol, results as well as a discussion and comments. The Case report
reinforces knowledge and skills in case management, data organization and report writing. For detailed
requirements of the case report, refer to the Sample Case Report for DAOM Clinical Credit and the Rubric for Case Reports for DAOM Clinical Credit.

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