The Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (DAOM) Program Overview

DAOM visiting professor holding placque with President Yen
DAOM faculty and clinic
Visiting DAOM professor holding placque with President Yen

DAOM Program

The DAOM program at ATOM is designed for acupuncturists who are interested in advancing their TCM knowledge and skills, learning the intricacies of the Internal Medicine specialization, as well as developing the skills needed to conduct or participate in clinical research studies and be educated consumers of AOM scientific and research literature to improve professional practice outcomes. Doctoral candidates will have a unique opportunity to study with faculty who have distinguished themselves as experts in various aspects of the TCM Internal Medicine specialty offered in the DAOM program. ATOM’s innovative program emphasizes collaboration in clinical settings by providing rigorous training in advanced concepts of TCM and biomedical theory. By integrating Biomedicine and TCM, the program aims to produce skilled practitioners, faculty and leaders in the field. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded the Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) degree.

ATOM DAOM Program Length and Curriculum

The DAOM Program is offered on a quarter system and is comprised of 1236 hours/86.3 quarter credit hours of study that can be completed in a minimum of 2 calendar years and a maximum of 4 calendar years.

Clock to Credit Hour Conversion

        • One-quarter credit hour is granted for each 10 hours of classroom contact
        • One-quarter credit hour is granted for each 23 hours of clinical instruction or case studies.
          (Total Didactic Hours 576 ÷ 10 = 57.6; Total Clinic Hours 660 ÷ 23 = 28.7)

Note that some classes are taught in 2 modules while others are offered in 1 module. The following chart presents a list of courses offered in the DAOM program. Please note that the chart is presented solely for illustrative purposes. DAOM course modules without corresponding course pre-requisite requirements may be offered in any sequence during the student’s course of study at ATOM. Only those courses and clinical experiences that require foundational knowledge and training offered in other
DAOM courses must be taken in sequence consistent with published DAOM course pre-requisites.

*ATOM estimates 48 hours of outside study for every 24 hours of didactic module instruction.

Hours Per
Module 1First YearAnalysis of Classical Works I 248

Module 2First YearFunctional Neurology and Therapeutic
Module 3First YearTCM Gastroenterology I248
Module 4First YearTCM Cardiology I 248

Module 5First YearTCM Neurology I248
Module 6First YearResearch Methodology I248
Module 7First YearTCM Endocrinology I248

Module 8First YearTCM Gastroenterology II248
Module 9First YearTCM Neuroimmunology &
Neuroendocrinology I
Module 10First YearTCM Neurology II248

Module 11First YearTCM Gynecology I248
Module 12First YearTCM Pulmonology248
First Year96234
Module 132nd YearDiagnosis and Treatment Method of

Module 142nd YearTCM Dermatology248
Module 152nd YearTCM Psychology 248
Module 162nd YearTCM Oncology I248

Module 172nd YearTCM Pediatrics248
Module 182nd YearTCM Gynecology II248
Module 192nd YearAdvanced Acupuncture Techniques248

Module 202nd YearClassical TCM Literature II 248
Module 212nd YearNephrology and Urology248
Module 222nd YearImmunology248

Module 232nd YearTCM Neuroimmunology &
Neuroendocrinology II
Module 242nd YearTCM Oncology II 248
2nd YearCapstone / Theses Defense8
2nd Year96234
Total Program Hours579 660
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